The Hellenic Reconstructionist and/or Hellenic Polytheist Directory

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partialy updated April 21st, 2008 - last complete 2007

This listing is for any Hellenic Polytheist (primarily Reconstructionalists).  When you contact someone, please understand their definition of "reconstruction" might not be the same as yours, and you may want to work to find a middle ground : )  It could just be coffee and sharing books.

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E-mail zoe (at) with your name, location (preferably your city, state and zip code, as we hope to sort by zip code someday), and e-mail address, and any other information you would like to share. Please make the subject line something like "Hellenic Directory" so I can find it from the spam.   If you find inactive links or dead email addresses please let us know as well.

You may want to visit a "cousin site" the Religio Romana directory

The regions are organized as follows: (click on the title to jump to that table. We only list states where someone has registered.)

North East United States: CT, MA, NY (upstate), RI, VT

Mid-Atlantic: NY, NJ, MD, PA, Washington DC

South: AL, FL, GA, LA, NC, TN, VA, WV (yes I made the bold move of putting TX in the "Central" section.)

Puerto Rico

Central United States: IL, ID, KS, NE, MI, MO, OH, OK, TX, WI

West: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, WA



South America and Europe  Brazil, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece

Thiasoi Directory List of Hellenic groups and thiasoi - specifically, anything you can participate in, whether online or in the real world. Maintained by Oenochoe. some links are aged.

Kharis, the only book about Hellenic Reconstructionalism in print today!

Hellenic Groups one may want to contact to see if they have members in your area: listing of Demoi

Kyklos Apollon


Ta Hiera Hellenic Polytheist Association



Spira (Hellenic neo-Pagan and not Recon)



~ North East United States ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
North Stonington, CT 06359 Julia librarian, Hellenion

Boston, MA 02201 Bronto Sproximo I'm co-mod of Thiasos Ares and a founding member of Dadoukhoi
Cambridge MA 02139 Thista Minai I am an exegete of Artemis in the organization Neokoroi, and I run the Temple of Artemis at Cataleos. See for more information.
Milford, MA 01757 Jessi(ca) Robinson
Somerville, MA 02144 Jennifer Mazer I am part of the Ta Hiera forum
(under a different email)
my website:
Waltham, MA 02453 Kyrene Ariadne * Temenos Theon:
Schenectady and Potsdam, NY 12306 Diane AIM: scifiwriter10885
Binghamton, NY 13902 Kriosa Lysia Other Info: Polytheist, Phutoarchitektonia, Chaotheurge
Cranston, RI 02910 Timotheos Anderson


Hinesburg, VT 05461 Sharon Mongin/Singingwolf  


~ Mid Atlantic ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
Westminster, MD 21157 Carolyn co-founder of Elaion
mailing list:
Sharpsburg, MD 21782 suz hellenic pagan, ceremonial magician, modern american witch
Ellicott City, MD (DC/Baltimore area)   David Roman/Hellenic pagan
Washington DC 20005 Tetradec AIM:

Let's talk Pantheon over coffee in DC !!

Bronx, NY   Jennifer (with the Xx's, and remember to replace the ~ with @) Founder of Thiasos Dionysos
Brooklyn, NY 11201 Angel AOL IM: angeltatts
Y!: angeltatts
Ewing, NJ 08618 Dan Adler Other info = AIM: dadler4108
Personal page:
Naos Apollon:
Stockton NY 14784 Gitana
Hawley, PA 18428 Herakles
Philly, PA 19120 Jolene


~ South ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
Camp, AL 36850 Chris Marbutt  
Ohatchee, AL 36271 Chrissy AIM: goriachiel
Vesta and Apollo are the deities I'm most drawn to.
Clearwater/Tallahassee, FL 33764/32313 Suzanne D AIM: noleschick115
Tampa, FL 33612 Greg Osborne Check out the Mstic Grove of Olympus on Witchvox.
Atlanta, Ga 30135 Damien broken_in_autumn ~ Aim - CovenedxByxWords
Cumming, GA 30041 Ben Ranker  
Cumming, GA 30041 Nicole Mazza radiantbaby (at) I am the moderator/creator of SE Hellenes ( or

I am also a founding member of the Atlanta-area Artemis Mounykhia Proto-demos, Hellenion and Artemis Mounykhia Eranos, Neokoroi (
Milledgeville, GA 31061 Derick Occuptation: English Teacher and writer..
New Orleans LA 70112 Tracy L. Arceo aka Aestrea Raven
Slidell LA 70461 Bobby Reech
Denham Springs, LA 70726 Kiria Gypsy and Monte Plaisance Church of Thessaly/Crossroads Learning Center

13639 Henry Drive
Denham Springs, La 70726


501 Certified since 1995

Charlotte, NC 28212 Erik Dutton  
Dallas, NC 28034 Tim Gamble  
Memphis, TN 38104 marc brown
Richmond, VA 23223 Calixto  
Morgantown, WV 26505 Robyn Renee Hellenic polytheist for 13 years and counting


~ Central United States ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
Lombard, IL 60148 Jim Kollens I have a strong bond to Apollo and am just at the beginning of learning what this means.

Naperville, IL

60564 Nuri AIM willowavalon
Noblesville, IN 46060 Laurelei Newly involved in Hellenismos. Very drawn to Aphrodite and Dionysos
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 LaDawn  
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 Willow Rhiamon I am very new to Hellenismos, but not to the Greek Pantheon. I would love to network with others in my area. I would eventually like to observe some of the Greek Festivals with close friends. Obviously not until I learn more. So anyone who finds any of this interesting, feel free to email me.
Whiting, Indiana 46394
Jennifer Lawrence I've been involved generally with the Greek pantheon since 5th grade, and specifically with Hellenismos for about 8 years.  I consider myself a dedicant of Hermes and Apollo, and also have very strong bonds with Demeter, Dionysus, Artemis, and Hestia.  I'm a freelance writer and have written a number of poems dealing with Greek mythology.  I'm dual-trad; the other path I follow is Irish Celtic (the Tuatha de Danann), although I never mix pantheons or practices in ritual, prayer, or holy days.
Kansas   Sarah  
Burton, MI 48509 Dominick Evans & Ashtyn Pantankos Dominick is an aspiring director and Ashtyn is a writer who is working on a book about the Hellenic religion. They are looking to learn Greek, celebrate, and to perform rituals once they have a better understanding of the Hellenic religion.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Ruadhan J McElroy I honour all the Hellenic deities, but I have a special devotion to Eros, Apollon, Hermes, Dionysos, Pan and have recently felt extremely drawn to Hekate.
Northwestern Upper Michigan
49913 Hearthstone
I am a semi-reconstructionist Hellenic polytheist seeking contact with
others.  My particular interests in religious history include worship within
the home and in rural areas.  I honor all the gods but have been especially
devoted to Aphrodite for a number of years, and have a great fondness for
Dionysos, Hermes and Zeus as well.  Member of Hellenion, Neokoroi, Thiasos

Kalamazoo, MI 49008 Lindsay Laubenstein  
Kalamazoo, MI 49006 Lisa

I honor all of the gods, but am especially devoted to
Aphrodite and Dionysos.

Niles, MI 49120 Amanda I have been Pagan for 7 years. While I have always worshipped the Greek Gods, I been following Hellenismos for about 3 years. I love all the Gods, but am especially devoted to Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, and Dionysus as well.
I would love to meet other Hellenists in the area, and maybe even do ritual together once I get to know them better.
Minneapolis, MN 55404 Hyperborean Proto-Demos of Hellenion
Kansas City, MO 64131 Carey Gaia Community
Wild Hare Protogrove, ADF
Dayton, Ohio 45405 Hector M Lugo

Norman, OK 73071 Garth Reese  
Sapulpa, OK 74066 Autolykos other info: follower of Hermes, Apollon and the Musai
Tulsa, OK 74128 Laura Cates AIM: Hekateira ( but I’m rarely on it)
Yahoo IM: Irianne/Lorelynne
San Marcos, TX 78666
reconstructionist since 2003
looking for possible contacts in the Austin area
Central Wisconsin 54481 Eris-Athene eris_athene ~ New to Hellenic reconstructionism; Religious Studies major intending on studying for the clergy; Interested in Athene, Artemis, Eris.
Madison, WI 53705 John Carlson oplontian ~ Interested equally in Hellenic and Italian/Roman polytheism and ancient culture. Website: www. antonineimperium . org


~ West ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
Tucson, Arizona 85730 Apollodoros Panieros, Traditional Hellenic Reconstructionist wanting contact with other Hellenes! Devoted to all the Dodekatheon, but especially Apollon, Zeus, Hermes, Pan, the Nymphs and Aphrodite. Interests include all aspects of ancient Greek religion, culture, language, art, history and music. Membership in Elaion and associated with Ysee in Hellas.
Boise, ID   Cas O'Connor I would love to share friendship with like-minded recons of whatever
stripe, and possibly start a regular social gatherings/discussion group.
Denver, CO 80220 Jezabel AIM + Yahoo! = BellusDomina
Denver, CO 80231
Brett A. Bradley
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 Todd Jackson
Eugene, OR 97401 Sannion
Eugene, OR 97401 Kate Winter / oinokhoe website:,
member of Neokoroi and Thiasos Lusios
Puyallup, Washington 98373 claudia vogelsang  
Puyallup, WA 98374 L.B. Training priest of Aphrodite
Seattle, Wa 98117 David Kenneth Funden II  

~ California ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
San Bernardino County, CA 92394 Lady Ashka AIM: LadyAshka
San Bernardino County, CA 92377 Mavican

AOTSC.TDC.Hellenic Pagan Fellowships
A Networking Hellenic Polytheist Church Group

Mailing Address:

5650 North Olive Ave.
El Rancho Verde Country Club
Rialto, CA 92377-3958

Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Grace
Los Angeles, California 91411 Dean Cameron aka "Bat" Artist and theatrical designer in the service of Dionysos
Los Angeles, California 90039 Adam
Pacifica,CA 94044 Mia Mirabella  
San Jose, CA 95125 Zoe  
Cobb, CA 95426 Pyrokanthos Thiasos Olympikos (rituals in Berkeley, Marin, and Lake County)

The Serpentine Leopard newsletter




~ Canada ~

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
Calgary, Alberta T3L 2S1 RavenDreamer Member of Spira
Calgary, Alberta T3L 2S1 Sora_Nalani Member of Spira
Calgary, Alberta T3G 1X9 Isea Member of Spira
Edmonton, Alberta   Phoebe Lyra
Devotee of Apollo, Artemis and Poseidon
Vancouver, BC V6R 2R1 Michael Standingwolf devotee of Athena, Apollo & Hermes

Puerto Rico

Carolina, Puerto Rico 00983 Josua  


 ~ Europe and South America~

group list for London

Location Zip Code Name E-Mail (to reduce spam the @ is replaced with ~) Other info
Sao Paulo, Brasil   Murilo M Sarno
Sao Luis, Brasil   Chris B. (pagan name Alexandra Ellhnopoula)

(my site in Portuguese about Hellenismos)

Braunschweig, Germany 38106 Sarmys
Saint Pierre en Faucigny, France 74800 Philippos Helios Philippe Cardon
Hôtel Beau Séjour
74800 Saint Pierre en Faucigny
age: 46, married
Ph..D. religious Sciences and History
Leschères, France 39170 Philippe Cardon Philippe Cardon
3 rue de l'école
F - 39170 Leschères
0033699707126 in English and French

Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium 9040 Mike Rasschaert Studies: Visual Arts (Painting)
I'm currently on working to paint portraits of the Gods on canvasses. I have a website dedicated to Haides, Hekate and Persephone:

South London, England, UK   V. Clark Clergy student, devoted to Hekate, member of ADF Hellenic Kin
Studies: archaeology
Coventry, West Midlands, UK   Kenn Payne New to Hellenismos, drawn to/called by Dionysos & Hekate - more recently Pan & Aphrodite. Member of Neokoroi.
Milton Keynes UK MK6 5AB Timasion British reconstructionist, honouring
the Dodekatheon and in particular Hermes. I maintain an altar dedicated to Zeus Sotor and am also trying to build a virtual temple.
Lisboa, Portugal   Miguel Oliveira  
Vienna, Austria   Akesios founder of Thiasos Austriakos (, the hellenic group in German-speaking Central Europe
Vienna, Austria   Sassa member of Thiasos Austriakos
Greece 41 223 Dimitris Bakolas Address: 9 Iasonos Str, Larissa, Greece
Studies: PhD Molecular Biology & Genetics, MSc Psychology & Sociology
Telephone: 0030 6944 951412

Dimitris has information about the Prometheia festival held at Olympus in June each year. Feel free to contact him for information if you would like to plan a trip.


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